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Opinion Outpost: Still Time To Earn Money For Sharing Your Opinions

by Julie on March 11, 2013

Reminder: Opinion Outpost is still looking for new survey members.  I’ve earned over $350 in rewards/cash since I joined several years ago.  Below are my redemptions for the year 2012.

If you’re interested in joining Opinion Outpost, you’ll be able to complete profiles which will allow them to send you survey opportunities tailored more specifically to you. You’ll receive survey opportunities for a specified amount of points, called Opinion Points, which convert to dollars. If the survey offers 30 Opinion points upon completion, that’s $3.

You need a minimum of 100 points before you can request a $10 PayPal reward …or you can use the Amazon gift certificate option and redeem 50 points for a $5 gift certificate. There are other reward options. I receive probably around 20 survey opportunities each month, but you may receive more depending on your family composition.

When you attempt to take surveys at Opinion Outpost and don’t qualify, you have the chance to play their instant win game. This game recently changed from a slot machine format, where you could win a maximum of 250 Opinion Points ($25). I had previously won $50 twice on their even older instant win game (which I told you about HERE & HERE.) This past summer, I won 150 points ($15) in their newest instant win game (you get to play after you attempt to complete any survey).

Readers: Are you already a member of Opinion Outpost?
Have you ever been a lucky instant winner?

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